Back in 1995, Walmart Banned This T-Shirt

In the year 1995, when Hillary Clinton was First Lady in the White House, a now-viral T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT!” was pulled from Walmart’s shelves. Consider the word PRESIDENT, insistently presented in all caps, and then consider this: Walmart removed the shirt from stores (about 20 years before Clinton would become the first woman U.S. presidential nominee of a major party) because it was “offensive” and went against Walmart’s “family values.”

The T-shirt, which features feminist-in-training Margaret from Hank Ketcham’s “Dennis the Menace” comic strip, went viral on Tuesday night after a Rutgers University professor shared an old Associated Press story on Twitter. This morning, he shared a photo of the shirt:

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