Digital Lifestyle Combines Co-living With Nomadism

Roam provides short-term apartments with a communal feel, for today’s digital work-from-anywhere nomad.

If you can afford the airfare, it’s getting easier to be a digital nomad. Roam, a new network of co-living spaces, offers a lease that lets you continually move: After a couple of weeks or months in Madrid, you can head to Miami, or Ubud, Bali. By 2017, the startup plans to have 8-10 locations around the world.

The first locations have been chosen for their year-round good weather and access to economic centers (Bali, for example, is a relatively convenient place to work with clients in Australia, Singapore, or Hong Kong). But Haid hopes to eventually expand to every major city, and perhaps multiple locations within cities.

In a new funding round announced today, Roam raised $3.4 million to expand to Buenos Aires and London.

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