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Aquaserge Super-Group (Tame Impala, Stereolab) Drops New Experimental Pop

Virage Sud
Crammed Discs

By John-Paul Shiver

There is a heady groove-oriented uptick, enmeshed with a poppy fuzzed out synth bass line that could only come from the culmination of a mini-supergroup consisting of members from Tame Impala, Stereolab, Acid Mother’s Temple and Melody’s Echo Chamber.

So Virage Sud, the kaleidoscopic instrumental lead single from the forthcoming Laisse ça être by Auquaserge, is the appropriate representation of such an eclectic group of artists. As evidenced by the song, the group draws liberally from psych pop, free jazz, noise, kraut, afro beat, tango, funk, waltz and samba.

Aquaserge, an experimental pop band, currently consists of Manon Glibert on clarinets, Audrey Ginestet on bass, drummers Julien Chamla and/or Julien Barbagallo, Julien Gasc on keys and vocals & Benjamin Glibert on guitar, will release Laisse ça être on Crammed Discs February 3rd.

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