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#CALIFORNIANLIGHT: UK’s Childhood’s Psych-pop Single Is The Sound of Summer

Californian Light
Universal High

By John-Paul Shiver

Per the stoic and charming Ben Romans-Hopcraft, front man for the psych-pop soul group Childhood, their current euphoric single “Californian Light”, was born out of a deceiving situation for the lead singer. “Ironically, the sentiment of ‘Californian Light,’ has nothing to do with the sunshine state at all,” Romans-Hopcraft explained to The FADER this spring.

“It was written as an ode to my relationships that define me as a person in London. The ‘light’ itself is a reference to an experience me and a bunch of my best friends had in San Francisco. “What we thought was an inviting celestial light, whilst we ran around inebriated one evening, turned out to be a beaming light from two cop cars, with their guns pointed directly at us. This deception of when something you feel is eternal and magnificent, turns out to be a brutal sobering reality, was a notion I used to sum up a lot of the relationships I’ve had in London over the years.”

Universal High is released on July 21

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