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19 Jan 2018

#MILDLIFE “The Magnificent Moon” // The Australian band’s debut LP, PHASE, is out on Vinyl & Digital Feb 23

By John-Paul Shiver The Magnificent Moon Mildlife Research Records Mildlife, the Australian four-piece band and tasteful confluence of so many various musical textures, released the appropriate long deep dive of a real-time visual this week for their kaleidoscopic expedition in a groove called The Magnificent Moon. The single comes as an introduction to their highly […]

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06 Dec 2017

#FESTIVUS 10 Holiday TV Episodes To Watch Online

Excerpt via AV Club It’s December, so it’s time to dust off those Christmas movies, those Christmas movies that aren’t really Christmas movies, or whatever side of that wall you think Die Hard falls on. But what if you’re in a holiday mood but not up for the whole two-hour jaunt to Bedford Falls? Or […]

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13 Oct 2017

#EVERYBODYWORKS: “The Bus Song,” Capturing Jay Som In Her Everyday SF Bay Area Element

By John-Paul Shiver Jay Som The Bus Song Everybody Works Polyvinyl Records There is a strong presence of the artistic community that runs all the way through “The Bus Song” video, Melina Duterte aka Jay Som’s sincere ode to public transportation. Former tour mate of Duterte, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, directed the ebullient video that captures a […]

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03 Oct 2017

#It’sOver: ANML Video Reveals Women’s Strength & Truth

By John-Paul Shiver The Canadian born, LA based singer/songwriter/producer ANML aka Lila Rose, has always injected her career with grand cinematic gestures. Leading with messages that are fierce and unapologetic and then emboldened further with a highly distinctive voice. All being driven by this animated exuberance that refuses to be silenced or ever quit. It is by […]

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28 Aug 2017

MERMAIDENS “SATSUMA” Video Channels #1970’s Aesthetic x Deep Sullen Tone

Mermaidens Satsuma Perfect Body Flying Nun Records By John-Paul Shiver Combining a 1970’s color wheel aesthetic with a deep sullen tone that proselytizes a fluffy bunny rabbit might not make it, “Satsuma” is that alluring “something is out of alignment” video by the New Zealand psych outfit Mermaidens. The video was filmed and directed by Ezra Simons, with concept […]

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21 Aug 2017

#THISISHIPHOP: Your Old Droog’s New Video for “Bangladesh”

Your Old Droog Bangladesh (ft Heems) PACKS By John-Paul Shiver Displaying the well-paired ying-yang punch of grimy flow versus nasal tone, the single Bangladesh by Your Old Droog and featuring Heems from Das Racist, is the “straight-talk no-filter” poster child for what genuine NYC hip-hop has been and remains. Droog, the Ukrainian-born, and Brooklyn based […]

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17 Aug 2017

Detroit Part II: Feels like a House Party in Shigeto’s Detroit

Shigeto Detroit Part II The New Monday Ghostly International By John-Paul Shiver It is a rare and fine occurrence to have a vibey deep house statement be appropriately paired with organic and matter of fact visual representation.  Detroit Part II, the lead single and video from the forthcoming release The New Monday by Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto. Opts […]

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06 Aug 2017

#SHOT! Mick Rock Explains How to Capture an Aura on Camera

Excerpt via Dazed Be it his masterminding of the hazy deformity behind Lou Reed’s Transformer cover, or his role as Ziggy Stardust’s personal photographer, Mick Rock is firmly entangled within the mythology of the movement with which he shares a name; if it was someone worth knowing, chances are Mick probably snapped them. ‘Im not after your […]

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03 Aug 2017

#RetroFuturePop: Thundercat Takes on Japan in “Tokyo” Video

Thundercat Tokyo Drunk Brainfeeder Records By John-Paul Shiver Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat, who just released the first video from his latest album Drunk, has always been more than vocal about his love of Japanese culture. The video for “Tokyo”, directed by Jun Hanamoto-Hearn, is a packed 2 plus minutes of Thundercat in Tokyo taking in video games, new technology, sushi, […]

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28 Jul 2017

#Gasbagging: School Damage Nails It In Their Latest Video

Gasbagging School Damage Chapter Music By John-Paul Shiver Clocking in at a trim 2 minutes and change, the Melbourne quartet called School Damage, have assigned the precise audio translation to the annoying behavior associated with the flatulent term: Gasbagging. The fussbudget demeanor of the band members in the video, coupled with the monster Claymation creations, links the blowhard description to one […]

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14 Jul 2017

#ComeMehWay: Sudan Archives Mixes Her Violin into Beats

Come Meh Way Sudan Archives EP Stones Throw By John-Paul Shiver What started as just a lark, mixing the violin playing style of Northeast Africa with electronic beats production, has quickly brought the unique talent of Sudan Archives upfront. “I started mixing my violin into beats,” she says, “It wasn’t complicated — I’d just sing […]

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