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20 Apr 2016

“420 Waldos”: The Very Odd Beginnings Of Marijuana’s Global Holiday [Video]

So what’s with “420” ? Why have these three numbers become intertwined with getting high? Some people say it’s because 420 is the police radio code in some jurisdictions for marijuana consumption, while others say it’s a Talmudic numerical extraction from the Bob Dylan song “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35.” But these and many other theories […]

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19 Apr 2016

H&M, M.I.A. Rally For World Recycle Week

H&M aims to collect tons of unwanted or worn out clothing items across its over 3, 600 worldwide stores. To raise awareness, an exclusive M.I.A. music video debuted on The video highlights the environmental impact of clothes going to landfills around the world.

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15 Mar 2016

Pulp Lab Presents

Drawing on insights gathered from our Field Agents, “Pulp Lab Presents” allows viewers to infiltrate niche trends they might not otherwise have the chance to experience.

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