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09 Mar 2016

Ford Prepares For A World Where Self-Driving Cars Take You to the Movies

When self-driving cars rule the road and the joys of driving your own vehicle are gone forever, what will you do to make those two-hour night drives down the coast fun again? Ford’s way ahead of us on this one, filing a patent this month for an “autonomous vehicle entertainment system” designed to display videos on a projection screen mounted over the windshield. Goodbye, endless highway; hello, Game of Thrones!

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09 Feb 2016

Apple Music, Spotify and a Guide to Music Streaming Services – The New York Times

Ranging in price from free to $19.99 a month, different streaming services offer varying levels of control to the user — from customizable radio stations to on-demand listening, in which users can pick the exact song they want to hear. Some services require listeners to be connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi, while others allow them to save songs to their devices for listening offline in places like airplanes and the subway.

Here’s a comparison of how some of the most popular streaming music services stack up against one another in terms of catalog size, cost, advertising and more.

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