12 Jul 2016

Charlotte Rampling | The Talks

Name: Tessa Charlotte Rampling
DOB: 5 February 1946
Place of Birth: Sturmer, Essex, England
Occupation: Actress

Ms. Rampling, what does it take to be an actor?

I think you have to be brave. I think you have to think of being; I think you have to think of being someone. If you’re an actor, you’re going to incarnate a human being. If you are brave and if you want to actually experience what it is like, really, you have to be a developing actor and a developing human being at the same time, because the two things are always together. You can’t develop as a human being and not develop as an actor and vice-versa.

“We’re all vain, we’re all narcissistic, we don’t like to grow old. Who wants to grow old?”

Image courtesy of the-talks.com


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