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Delivering Farm-Fresh Produce, With a Side of Weed

In nearly every state, you can sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) networks and get fresh veggies delivered to your doorstep. The kale and cucumbers that come in those weekly cardboard boxes support hard-working local farmers and are often cheaper than the organic grocery aisle. But soon those wholesome snack packs will include a different — and more buzz-worthy — type of green.

In the coming years, California farmers — working in a state where medical marijuana cards are notoriously easy to get — plan to roll out America’s first crop of marijuana CSAs, stocked with seasonal produce and freshly harvested pot. The boxes will include, for example, potatoes, collards, tomatoes, and cauliflower, along with a bud of the week, says Casey O’Neill of HappyDay Farms, which grows six strains of cannabis and dozens of other crops on 20 acres in Mendocino County.

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