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Detroit Part II: Feels like a House Party in Shigeto’s Detroit

Detroit Part II
The New Monday
Ghostly International

By John-Paul Shiver

It is a rare and fine occurrence to have a vibey deep house statement be appropriately paired with organic and matter of fact visual representation.  Detroit Part II, the lead single and video from the forthcoming release The New Monday by Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto. Opts for visuals of bedroom walls clad with various musical and political icons. Long running sequences of Saginaw making daytime car jaunts for the sake of taking “snaps” of friends living their everyday life. Captured in the lush and beautiful city of Detroit, shot in coarsely drained black and white. The affectionate interplay between these gregarious characters is illustrated by the kick drum pulse and sloping bass line magic that lords over this sincere 7-minute piece. This cinematic vessel of integrity concludes with DJ’s, playing actual vinyl records, with absolute joy.

The New Monday will be released October 6th.

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