04 May 2016

E(at)-Commerce Platforms Power The Local Food Movement

“Current U.S. farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture shares (CSAs) are barely sustaining for small farmers — they’re suffering,”
– Dave Ranallo, founder of Azoti

E-commerce platforms such as Azoti and Local Line are digging deeper to help the local food movement better support the farmers at its core.

Azoti hopes to streamline how large food buyers interact and purchase produce from small farmers. In food and hospitality, most businesses currently order food from contracted distributors who buy from local large farms due to extra challenges associated with buying from small growers, such as managing safety certifications and supply forecasting. Azoti circumvents these challenges by enabling buyers to order everything they need for a delivery as a whole, and small farmers are able to fill the order as needed. The buyers can also set forecasts during the offseason for as little as five percent of their order value, offering predictability for both the buyer and the farmers. Regional food hubs or contracted distributors handle the deliveries.

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