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“Explosion Meets Void” DOUGLAS TAUSIK RYDER @ Jason Vass Gallery

Jason Vass Gallery, 1452 E. 6th St., Los Angeles. Through Feb. 26; closed Sundays and Mondays. (213) 228-3334,

DOUGLAS TAUSIK RYDER’s process reconciles tradition with a digital landscape, revisiting and re-imagining the history of sculpture with tools specific to our time. Over the past few years, Tausik Ryder has taught himself to use G-code and advanced machining techniques, embarking on a multi-year struggle to become adept in the technicalities and nuances of new programs and equipment. This new expertise was necessary if he wanted to bridge divergent high and low-tech sensibilities. In his recent series of large wooden forms, he replicates the look and feel of traditional, crafted objects through computer-aided methods.

PHOTOS: Douglas Tausik Ryder, Jason Vass Gallery – ESTÉE OCHOA for PulpLab


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