12 Feb 2018

#FashionTech Girls Who Code at Fashion Week

Excerpt via New York Times

Standing around Samsungs tech-filled event space in Manhattan in striped knit dresses and jumpsuits, miniskirts with wavy designs and leggings that went over their heels, PH5s models looked like disco-mod glam bots sent from the future.

It was impossible to tell just by looking, but among the models at the presentation on Thursday were several nonprofessionals, including two alumnae of the Girls Who Code program, which aims to close the gender gap in technology through education.

Mijia Zhang, the creative director of PH5, and Wei Lin, the companys founder, have been working with Girls Who Code to design a sweater with a special code on it. As a brand, we have some influence, and we really want to bring a good influence to people, Ms. Zhang said.

Most of the clothing that PH5 produces is made with a computer: Ms. Zhang works with programmers to code various stitches based on her vision, and a machine creates the pieces from there. With knitwear you have to constantly program, she said. I think thats something people arent aware of. You can be into computers and work in the fashion industry.

Image courtesy of nytimes.com


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