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#FillingSpots Woolymammoth’s Debut Full-Length Shapeshifts from Dank to Dark. And back.

Filling Spots
Alpha Pup

By John-Paul Shiver

The peripheral old boom bap that aligns itself with bass tones—shapeshifting from dank to dark. And back—are scattered about with notable placement on the ominous feeling “rude boy version” of Shadeslove. The track serves as an all-encompassing idea that remains pervasive throughout the debut full-length album Filling Spots by  Los Angeles transplant Woolymammoth. The fifteen track LP follows up a handful of singles and EPs by the artist since 2016.

With this release, the San Francisco native proves that its possible to combine golden era dark-head drum and bass, classic hip-hop esthetics and tastefully done dub-step into a mood that is neither derivative or backward in thought.

Woolymammoth’s  Filling Spots will have you come for the dark-wobbly bits, and stay for the new -style chaotic journey. 

Woolymammoth’s debut full-length ‘Filling Spots’ ft. Bleep Bloop, Tsuruda, Yokaze  releases March 23rd via Alpha Pup

Photo by Edrina Martinez / Alpha Pup Records

Track Listing
  1. Discovering Inspiration/Release (feat. Cast)
  2. Whyuthinkurdiffrnt
  3. Mouthbreather
  4. Shadeslove
  5. BackitUP
  6. Riddim Fix (feat. Yokaze)
  7. Filling Spots
  8. Mouthbreather Returns/Interlude
  9. Maktar
  10. 4THACULTURE/wegotadubsgame
  11. What’s Next..?
  12. Mustard (feat. Yokaze)
  13. Riskybidness (feat. Tsuruda)
  14. Nofknway [124]UMTME (feat. Bleep Bloop)
  15. The Comeback (feat. Legoon)

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