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Food Delivery Startup Foodhini Serves As A Platform For Social Change

Noobtsaa Philip Vang’s mother came to the U.S. from Laos after the Vietnam War. She worked multiple jobs to support their family and her economic struggles as an immigrant combined with her delicious home-cooked meals served as the inspiration for Foodhini. Foodhini is one of the newest startups aimed at a crowded food delivery market, a 70 billion dollar industry with stiff competition from big names like GrubHub and Postmates. The demand for food delivery is there either in the form of hot meals ready to eat from nearby restaurants or a collection of ingredients with a recipe, designed to take the guesswork out of dinner prep.

But Foodhini’s model is different – they call themselves a “for profit social enterprise” with a mission to build sustainable incomes for immigrants in the U.S. through a food commerce platform. But beyond the social good business model, the key differentiator for Foodhini lies in their delivery of local, ethnic cuisine crafted and served by authentic immigrant chefs.

Foodhini plans to bring hot meals to your door, but with a twist. Instead of nearby restaurants cooking your dinner, it’s a local immigrant chef preparing authentic cuisine from their culture. Through a shared revenue model with each chef, Foodhini provides the operational infrastructure (a commercial kitchen and a commerce platform) and assumes the bulk of the risk while the chefs are tasked with preparing home-cooked ethnic cuisine that can be served for 2 or 4 people and ordered through the Foodhini online platform.


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