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#It’sOver: ANML Video Reveals Women’s Strength & Truth

By John-Paul Shiver

The Canadian born, LA based singer/songwriter/producer ANML aka Lila Rose, has always injected her career with grand cinematic gestures. Leading with messages that are fierce and unapologetic and then emboldened further with a highly distinctive voice. All being driven by this animated exuberance that refuses to be silenced or ever quit.

It is by no means a stretch in character, tone or depth for her new single “It’s Over” to be the heavyweight narrative on perseverance that it is.  The interview-style video, directed by Kill Freeman, features clips of women from diverse communities, revealing their strength and truth in the aftermath of a break-up. Collectively, the story is one of women in recovery, regaining pride, self-worth and momentum — no victims here. The video subtitles the intimate stories of relationships, cutting across the socio-political spectrum, reminding us of the power of change and giving us hope for the future.



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