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#DJ Jacques Greene’s “Afterglow/Feel Infinite” Mines Arthur Kroker’s 90’s #VR Fiction

Afterglow/Feel Infinite
Jacques Greene
Feel infinite

Directed by Mauriès Matos

By John-Paul Shiver

Jacques Greene, the Montreal based DJ/producer, has released his first full length LP “Feel Infinite” on the Hudson Mohawke-founded LuckyMe imprint. Greene, who was recently nominated for the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year for his single “You Can’t Deny”, has carved a steady pedigree for constructing R&B influenced sound designs that dominate “All the feels”.

With the “Afterglow/Feel Infinite” video, directors Melissa Matos & Emmanuel Mauriès Rinfret aka Mauries Matos, present an impressionistic love story. An unwavering celebration of youth and the discovery in a nightclub – a pure environment to get lost within. Shot on 16mm film following a local cast of real club-kids in parties and studios throughout JGs beloved Montreal, Mauriès Matos have created an evocative watercolor of the liberated art spaces dance music was designed to serve. “Afterglow / Feel Infinite” features a recital taken from the Montreal-based writer and futurist Arthur Kroker’s book “Spasm” – the cult 90s fiction piece about virtual reality.

The film closes with the first sample of the album’s title track “Feel Infinite.”


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