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Korean Rapper Keith Ape’s “Let Us Prey”– A Seaworld Protest Anthem

Since the 90s, many Korean artists have established their careers by echoing early American hip-hop, with many achieving substantial commercial success by fusing rap bars with the infectious, radio-friendly sounds of K-pop. Fueled by the potency of social media and youth internet culture, these artists have been amassing global recognition thanks to their experimental street-meets-east aesthetics, penchant for au courant rap trends and dazzling visuals.

The latest from Keith Ape is  a Sea World f*** off anthem, “Let us Prey,” released on Sep 26, 2016.

Set in Keith Ape’s unique multi-ecosystem universe, the video explores a bleak desert realm found at the bottom of the ocean. Keith and fellow Cohort rapper Bryan Cha$e roam the empty desert floor leading a pack of whales in an Orca-inspired BMW i8.

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