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Marina Abramović x Jeff Koons Front New Online VR Gallery

via Dazed

Marina Abramović, Jeff Koons and Olafur Eliasson are premiering artwork on a new major virtual reality arts platform, Acute Art.

The three interactive works from the iconic contemporary artists were previewed at Stockholm’s Brilliant Minds this week. The VR digital gallery hopes to explore and encourage art’s transition from the physical art word to the new age of online. The project officially launches in Autumn 2017 with plans to bring in young and emerging artists.

Videos from Koons, Abramovic and Eliasson illustrate how each piece of art was created in VR form.

“One of the things I noticed with VR is a tremendous sense of centre,” says Koons. “Knowing that I am within a space and understanding the parameters around me. I have also noticed that ones affirmation of existence is always missing. You look down at your feet and theres nothing there, so theres a lot to be said about defining your own presence.”

Marina Abramovic additionally presents Rising. The Serbian performance artist is unafraid to break artistic boundaries, collaborating with everyone from Jay-Zto Lady Gagaand directing Givenchyand Adidas, and on-the-nose, thought-provoking shows like 512 Hours, Rhythm 5 and Breathing In / Breathing Out.

A new book,100 Secrets of the Art World, chronicles secrets from the art worlds most influential and elite, including Eliasson, Koons and Abramovic. Acute Art launches globally Autumn 2017

Acute Artcourtesy of Acute Art

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