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#Mirage: New Augmented Reality App Injects the Internet Into Real Life

Excerpt via Wired

WHEN RYAN STAAKE and Patrick Piemonte first worked together, they helped you get around: Both were interface designers at Apple, with Piemonte working specifically on the iPhone’s map technology. Now, nearly a decade later, the two are working together again—but this time, instead of helping you get around, they want to use the power of augmented reality to appreciate the hidden things around you.

That’s the idea behind Mirage, an iOS app the duo and a small team just released. It’s not the first AR app available in the App Store, and it certainly won’t be the last, but it may well be the only one to marry augmented reality’s hidden-world appeal with social media’s shareable, re-mixable content. And in doing so, it’s making AR not simply a technology of curiosity, but one of connection.

The whole point, as Staake says, is for people “to communicate through the real world.”

How that communication works is a little bit group text, a little bit social-media app, and a little bit treasure hunt. When you fire up Mirage, you’re presented with a camera view, along with a small Google Maps thumbanail in the upper corner. To add a “mirage,” you point your camera at something and take a photo; the app then allows you to adorn the object with text, drawings, 3D emoji, even photos or animated GIFs. The mirage then shows up on the map as a glowing circleas do all the other mirages people have made in your vicinity.

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Image courtesy of Wired

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