10 Apr 2016

“Netflix and Chill” Never Means Netflix and Chill: Origins of The Latest Pop Culture Slang

Ok…so you probably knew that one already…If you didn’t, Business Insider has culled  a list of “11 words and phrases you should know” and their origins. Here’s a taste.



Definition: An acronym for Before Anyone Else.

Origin: While its absolute origin is unknown, the first entry of “Bae” showed up on the popular user-submitted dictionary Urban Dictionary back on August 11, 2006. Urban Dictionary user bubbies claimed it stood for “a lover or significant other,” and at that point “bae” was likely just another way to say babe or baby.

The first instance of “bae” being used with its contemporary definition was a tweet from 2011.

Image courtesy of businessinsider.com


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