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The New Up’s “Black Swan” Video: A Bizarre Night Out In Clubland

The New Up
Black Swan

By John-Paul Shiver

The video “Black Swan”, directed by Hassan Said, for the San Francisco indie/electronic band The New Up, captures a bizarre and possibly dreamt up encounter during a night out in clubland. Shot in one take, it’s a pragmatic rendering of what can happen once a person’s senses are in disarray.

The camera focuses on one woman, while the band plays in the club, as she tries to decipher what is imagined and what is real. ES Pitcher, lead singer of the band has said “Black Swan” gives a boldly detailed portrait of what “being young in the city and in a place where your loneliness and lack of self-love are so obvious—but you’re just rebelling against it and doing everything to forget that you’re alone.”

Tiny Mirrors, the sophomore album from The New Up, will be released on digital platforms Feb 3.

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