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Oakland-based Zion I Releases Second Film In BoomBox Collection [Video]

The BoomBox Collection: Zion I
Director Mohammed Gorjestani

By John-Paul Shiver

Oakland-based hip-hop artist Zion I writes for his people. Cats he sees in the neighborhood he lives in. While he admits some “cats,” who live in close proximity to his home, don’t vibe with his music. “I know the ghetto is not bumping Zion I”, Zumbi admits. “I accept it for what it is man.” The quiet candor and matter of fact direct nature of Mohammed Gorjestani’s Zion I edition of his Boombox collection, captures Oakland, Ca just going about its day to day business with Zumbi from Zion I explaining how the hip-hop group has maintained for so long without giving into clichéd tactics that garner immediate radio play. “We have been able to maintain integrity in terms of content” says Zumbi in the video. “That is an accomplishment in of itself.”

Director Mohammed Gorjestani says, “The Boombox Collection: Zion I” is the second film of the “Boombox Collection”, a cinematic and intimate portrait and performance series peering into the minds of the pioneers of “working class” hip hop. Artists who have shaped our attitudes and perspectives of the world for nearly 20 years. Artists who have been steadfast in their choice not to rap about “money, power, and bitches,” and instead share their knowledge, wisdom, at the cost of mainstream acceptance. These are artists often referenced and revered by mainstream artists and influencers.

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