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Okayplayer TV Presents: New David Bowie [Mini-Doc]

“I always say those are the songs that are the biggest, iconic hits, are the ones that really take you somewhere,” Ann Wilson said. “A little kid or young kid could just dissolve into them and become Major Tom. And for a young woman, you could still be Major Tom.”

While David Bowie’s two dozen albums of music, videos and performance footage will last forever, his legacy will also live on through the memories of the fans and musicians whose lives were changed by his work. In this Okayplayer TV video, see the likes of Esperanza Spalding and Bilal reveal their favorite songs from Bowie’s catalog, while Laurie Anderson and Blondie’s Deborah Harry share memories of friendship or experiences while on tour. The video also features comments from Cyndi Lauper, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, and more.

The artists shared their thoughts backstage during rehearsals for the Carnegie Hall and Radio City shows which featured 20 artists performing songs from Bowie’s diverse, shapeshifting discography. Another show was added the following day at Radio City Music Hall.

The artists had different favorite songs that they loved for different reasons. Eugene Hütz said he spins “Breaking Glass” up to 14 times a night while DJing, while Rickie Lee Jones treasured “Changes” for the way it described love to her while she was a teenager. Bilal and Ann Wilson admired Bowie’s storytelling on “Ziggy Stardust” and “Space Oddity,” respectively.

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