12 May 2017

#PassiveListening: Geotic’s “Abysma” Is As Subtle as a Sunday Morning Ritual

Ghostly International

By John-Paul Shiver

Will Wiesenfeld of Baths, who sometimes records under the moniker of Geotic, describes the side project as passive listening.

“In a world driven by noise and distraction, Abysma is as subtle as a Sunday morning ritual, a tender epiphany in a bombastic firework show.”

Will may be on to something there…in his self-directed video for the melodic, crisp and ambient techno song “Nav”, there is a perfunctory visual dissertation of how the association to art can dissuade and override real engagement.  From the DJ sleeping in front of their equipment during the performance, to watching patrons only halfway being occupied with “said” performance piece.

It’s quite possible they do not even know what they are watching. So, while the song is striking……the message is devastatingly apt.

Abysma by Geotic is out now on Ghostly International



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