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Pulp Lab Playlist Fall 2018: Coping in Advance

By William Sheehan

The party’s over. CD’s skipping.

September’s the month where certain-let down correlates with a change in color you’ll see everywhere; on the branches of trees, in the shades of your neighbors’ wardrobe, or on their faces like uniformed angst with slanted mouths, minds idling.

Acknowledge the spread: cut-and-dry, hardly-knew-ya, sure, but no one’s ever bothered debating when the last time summer felt “long enough” or what habits made it feel that way. Something to be considered that never is, like the crippling turbulence of circadian rhythms in a state of transience. It’s been said that warmer climates do wonders for the seasonally-affected, though alienation, isolation, and damnation, in that order, are the reasons why music exists – everything else can be left to the abstract. This is your Fall playlist:
Beach Boys //  Little Pad
Ramsey Lewis // Sun Goddess
Sun Ra // Christmas Time
Getz & Gilberto // The Girl From Ipanema
Alekesam // Time Lapse
Isaiah Rashad // Silkk Da Shocka
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib // Thuggin’
Vince Staples // BagBak
Baths // Aminals
Nohidea // breathing
Evenings // Friend [Lover] Luxury Prison // Clark
Papadosio // Liminal Daybreak
Vinyl Williams // Millennial Ballroom
Tickley Feather // Trashy Boys
Elvis Depressedly // Weird Honey
Women // Black Rice
Good Morning // $10
Mission of Burma // That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Shannon & the Clams // Rip VanWinkle
Hinds // Soberland
Products // Nude Review
Cloud Nothings // Hey Cool Kid
Mazzy Star // Look On Down From the Bridge


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