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Pulp Lab Playlist //\\ January 2018

By John-Paul Shiver

It’s a new year, new gear and a new fit. And as January closes out we have a playlist to recap some of the underneath-the-radar, slept-on music that maybe you missed the first time. These artists could be future Grammy winners or just performers who create songs that smack upside the head now…. and make you pay attention.

Atonal jangle indie rock, several broken-beat/house selections, new jazz explorations and wobbly alternative up-tempo compositions make up the list. Melbourne, London, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Japan, Los Angeles and Richmond, Virginia all give to the eclectic bouillabaisse of sounds.

Enjoy. This is your January 2018 Pulp Lab Playlist.

Nothing New/Charlotte Day Wilson
Love Don’t Pay The Bills feat E-Live/Trailer Limon/Change of The Guard
Every 1’s A Winner/Ty Segall/Freedom’s Goblin
Night Court In Compton/Ryan Porter/The Optimist
Something New feat Etta Bond/SIR/November
It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)/Peggy Gou
Language/Starchild & The New Romantic/Language
Zone 1 to 6000/Nabihah Iqbal/Weighing of The Heart
Hi-Life/Henry Wu & Earl Jefferies
Moonchild/Kenneka Cook/Moonchild
WQ456/RGL/Machine Love
Sticky/Ravyn Lenae
The Magnificent Moon/Mildlife


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