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Pulp Lab Presents “WHIRL” by YOKAZE – First Listen

By John-Paul Shiver


The seven-track EP Cognitio by Yokaze, slated for release on Friday, Jan 19th on Renraku, distills abstract mutations that electronic music can present when choosing to live between” gripping builds and drops.”  It evokes a haunted energy that seeks buoyancy and eventually achieves it.

From the shifting and fidgety soundscapes that produce a seething undercurrent of restlessness in the first selections. Cognitio eventually transitions to more colorful and relieving patterns.  It’s an audacious release but fitful.

When asked what cartoon character or avatar would best represent the sentiment of Cognitio?

Yokaze explained it to be Elon Musk lighting a candle in a church.

“My musical path started with deep house, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do something in its spirit. I made a wide range of styles because I want to eschew the preconceptions that are thrust upon me as a producer, and show people that their first impression is not accurate.”

Please enjoy an exclusive première of “Whirl”. It captures Yokaze reconnecting with those deep house roots.

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