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By William Sheehan


Annoying // Dayne Jordan & Decap

  • One of the more recent releases by Dayne Jordan and San Francisco’s Decap – real name Nicholas John Piantedosi. Decap’s a man in demand and – while we’re on the topic of annoyances, a follow up to this collaboration can’t come fast enough.

Among Unlovers // Myers Rooney

  • Ryan Schmale has found beauty in the darkness; lo-fi garagey psych-folk ripples through the air akin to hot rain at sunset.

Ya No Me Importa // Melenas

  • Lo-fi crooners hailing from Paloma, Spain playing surfy fuzzed out garage pop that lingers with the essence of girl-group doo-wop in every note.

Fine Slime // White Denim

  • Throttling the overcast with a cacophony of drums from Greg Clifford that shakes. Stay for the sound that comes in droves, stay because the jamming both unmatched and unbelievable.

California Took My Bobby Away // Holy Wave

  • Austin locals quip through hazy psychedelic garage rock and sweep a contagious spell through their multiple albums-worth of casual hit after casual hit.

You Say I’m In Love // Bane’s World

  • Dreamy Bay Area jazz-psych croons with a translucent, almost watery sound regardless of what synesthesists might say.

Flies Bump Against the Glass // Oh Sees

  • Prolific San Fran originals escalating tensions in varying subgenres of rock n’ roll.

Nude Review // Products

  • Lyrical hypnagogia; Minneapolis post-punks delivered a hook-filled EP last fall with On the Dotted Line. As the stand out track, Nude Review is no exception and quite frankly rips.

Bury Your Heart // The Florists

  • Horizontal-punk three piece manage to be both and confessional while considering objective nuance within the human condition.

Nothing Ever Happened // Deerhunter

  • Bradford Cox loops his way into a sonic-ether of walls and columns of ambient-punk. Drone for the mainstream.

Until You Feel Good // San Mei

  • Australian four-piece strafing into mesmerizing, reverb-drenched pop that recognizes the natural beauty in decay ahead of the slapping guitars.

Jesus’ Son // Priests

  • Revving up their sophomore release The Seduction of Kansas, D.C. punks Priests are back in spades, upping more than just their commentative ante.

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