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Silicon Valley’s Newest Startup Is A French Non-Profit Coding School

It’s a coding school, except it takes three to five years to complete. It calls itself a “university,” but there are no professors or SAT requirement. Each cohort has roughly 1,000 students, but no one is paying tuition.

This isn’t a fantasy—it’s 42, a French-born educational experiment with the goal of educating 10,000 talented software engineers over the next five years. The non-profit, headed by French telecom entrepreneur Xavier Niel, said on Tuesday that it’s opening a brand new 200,000 square foot building in Fremont, Calif. where it will educate its students for free and house at least 300 low-income students. Niel, who is the CEO of telecom giant Illiad, is funding it with $100 million of his personal money, according to a press release

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