MANILA — Seasons come and go quickly in fashion, and in the Philippines it changes at least twice a year. Local designers and big retail houses display the best of their capsule collections through big fashion shows just right before the summer and holiday months.

But there is more to first-ever StyleFest PH than just fashion.

Robby Carmona, who has directed some of the country’s biggest fashion shows, noted that SAGA Events will not be just a supplier for StyleFest PH but a partner “to formulate this beautiful platform merging fashion, beauty and many more in an event.”

“What sets this apart is that it also helps emerging designers put their stuff out there, where buyers can see it and buy it directly. It’s exciting how we will be able to do all of this and share it online, where a digital audience can also come enjoy the offerings,” he said.

SAGA Events CEO Robby Carmona at the launch of StyleFest PH. Photo by author
Globe senior advisor for creative marketing and multimedia business Joe Caliro at the launch of StyleFest PH. Photo by author

Caliro noted that in previous years only the big retail brands had the opportunity to present their latest collections through fashion shows. “It used to be just them dominating the stage. We’re not going to do that. We want StyleFest PH accessible to young creatives who will shape the industry as we know it,” he said.