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01 May 2018

This Is Your Brain On VR

An evolving body of science suggests that VR immersion and interaction fires up your brain in ways a big-screen movie or a book can’t. That’s allowing studios like Baobab to drive the art of storytelling.

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17 Apr 2017

MC Homeboy Sandman’s “Veins” Video Is A Mixed-Media Stroll Through NYC

Homeboy Sandman Bamboo Veins ​​Stones Throw Records By John-Paul Shiver The always specific Queens MC, Homeboy Sandman, returns with a 2-minute rapid fire video for the track “Bamboo,” from the recently released “Veins” on Stones Throw Records. Sandman performs from various settings in New York City that slowly become skewed and peppered with visual illusions to “The Shining”, as […]

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03 Mar 2017

“Dang Is Invincible” New Video Features Studio Doulzia’s Experimental 2D Animation [Video]

Dang Is Invincible Open Mike Eagle & Paul White Hella Personal Film Festival Directed by Alex Pierre, founder of Studio Doulzia By John-Paul Shiver The anime bizarro/friendly acid trip journey, that is “Dang Is invincible”, is a narrative delivered with hallucinogenic ferocity by the never banal, Open Mike Eagle. The track, produced by Paul White, is […]

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22 Aug 2016

An Inside Look at China’s VR Cafes

One of the most popular ways to consume electronic entertainment in China is by visiting an iCafe, or Net Cafe. These are places where patrons physically stop by to play games. Some locations charge based on time, while others charge based on the content of the experience, but they all provide an outlet for people to […]

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20 Aug 2016

Get Back To Your Animated Roots #FelixTheCat

Original title: Felix The Cat USA | 1924 | 7 Eps Languages available: EN Genre: Animation Director: Otto Messmer Felix the Cat was the first animated superstar, and these early shorts reveal the source of the character’s phenomenal popularity. Animator Otto Messmer created Felix for “Feline Follies,” a one-shot cartoon designed to fill a gap in an […]

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21 Jul 2016

Kumamon x The New Science Of Cute

Kumamon, a cartoon bear created to promote tourism in an overlooked part of Japan, has become a billion-dollar phenomenon. Now, a new academic field is trying to pinpoint what makes things cute – and why we can’t resist them.

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08 Jun 2016

29 Days of Weirdo CGI in 71 Seconds

Where can you find screaming gelatinous blobs, babies behaving badly, and medieval soldiers riding a lizard to a laundromat all in one place? Only in the February Vine Compilation released today by Cool 3D World, the ongoing project from artists Brian Tessler and Jon Baken. Even in the darkest recesses of the internet, few artists […]

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