13 Jul 2016

Prisma’s stunning art effects are coming to VR and video

What’s better than an app that turns selfies into instant art? After contacting the Russia-based developers behind the app, we confirmed, as noted on Sunday, that the app will soon move into video. The developers Prisma Labs sent Mashable a demonstration of what the video version of Prisma will look like and the result is […]

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12 May 2016

BMW takes on Car2go and Uber in Seattle

As of last month, Seattleites have a new way to get around town, while companies like Car2go and Uber now have new competition. BMW launched its one-way car-sharing service ReachNow the Seattle region in April, allowing people to use the free-floating vehicles as a method of transportation. The service brings an alternative to Car2go, the […]

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09 May 2016

VR X Tech In The Future Of Museums

Museums are usually considered purveyors of the past, but in Alex Benays eyes, they might be better off as tech pioneers. The concept here is using things like virtual reality, open data, anything that gets the story out whether its raw or filtered, [it] means engagement. Benay uses Ace Academy: Black Flight – a video […]

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24 Apr 2016

ReplyYes: Chatbot Helped Vinyl Records Startup Make $1 Million in 8 Months

A startup called ReplyYes, which offers a text-to-buy system for retailers, provides a glimpse into the potential of automated messaging. Interestingly, the company has a pair of e-commerce ventures. One sells vinyl records, the other graphic novels. The vinyl store, called The Edit, has sold $1 million worth of records since it debuted eight months […]

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19 Apr 2016

Can An App Help Redefine Our Relationship with Stuff?

Stuffstr has designed an app that provides retailers with information about what happens to their products after the sale. The retailer gets to keep tabs on how long the product lasts and how much it sells for on the used market. Stuffstr helps consumers resell or recycle their items when the time comes.

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10 Apr 2016

For Explorers, Not Tourists: Hotels Woo Millennial Travelers

“We see millennial travelers more as explorers than tourists,” said Brian McGuinness, global brand leader, Starwood’s Specialty Select Brands. “Our Aloft hotels are specifically designed with them in mind.” Aloft features free Wi-Fi, areas for working poolside or in the bar, and even a robotic bellhop that appeals to tech-savvy millennials, he said. Now, guests who […]

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