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09 Mar 2017

#ZineScene: Why the Internet Didn’t Kill Zines

In theory, the maturation of the internet should have killed off the desire for zines entirely. Millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of posts are published to social-media sites each day. And yet somehow, it can feel impossible to engage with new ideas, even as our compulsive inability to stop scrolling exposes us to an unending […]

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23 May 2016

Cover Up: Playboy’s Non-Nude Reboot Wins With Advertisers

Iconic nudie mag cleans up Playboy, known for its centerfolds for decades, rebooted as a non-nude publication at the beginning of the year, and the new direction has paid dividends. At its Digital Content NewFronts presentation last week, the 62-year-old brand said first-quarter online/print ad revenue was up 75 percent from a year earlier. Playboy’s […]

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