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14 Apr 2017

TOPS’ “Petals”: 3 Mins of Vibes and Smiles [Video]

TOPS Petals Sugar At The Gate Artbutus Records By John-Paul Shiver Jane Penny, lead singer of the Montreal quartet TOPS, decided to direct all the band’s videos for their upcoming June 2nd “Sugar at The Gate” release on Arbutus Records. The video “Petals”, which showcases an afternoon Los Angeles house party with C-List Madonna, Michael Jackson and […]

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31 Mar 2017

“Meticulous Bird” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down [Video]

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Meticulous Bird Directed by Jonny Look By John-Paul Shiver There is an all-night grocery store in the video “Meticulous Bird” by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, that would fare better if it kept regular hours and groceries. Thao Nguyen, who sings and performs in this San Francisco band, dances like a recalled […]

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03 Mar 2017

“Dang Is Invincible” New Video Features Studio Doulzia’s Experimental 2D Animation [Video]

Dang Is Invincible Open Mike Eagle & Paul White Hella Personal Film Festival Directed by Alex Pierre, founder of Studio Doulzia By John-Paul Shiver The anime bizarro/friendly acid trip journey, that is “Dang Is invincible”, is a narrative delivered with hallucinogenic ferocity by the never banal, Open Mike Eagle. The track, produced by Paul White, is […]

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16 Feb 2017

Chloë Sevigny’s New Film for Miu Miu

She’s been mu(i)se and model for Miuccia Prada since the 90’s, but now, Chloe Sevigny has stepped behind the camera for her latest project with Miu Miu, premiering her own installment of the brand’s Womens Tales series in New York. Voyeuristic and candidly confessional, “Carmen” captures the realities of life as a woman today, from […]

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01 Feb 2017

The New Up’s “Black Swan” Video: A Bizarre Night Out In Clubland

The New Up Black Swan By John-Paul Shiver The video “Black Swan”, directed by Hassan Said, for the San Francisco indie/electronic band The New Up, captures a bizarre and possibly dreamt up encounter during a night out in clubland. Shot in one take, it’s a pragmatic rendering of what can happen once a person’s senses […]

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