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This Zero-Gravity Beanbag is Engineered to Mimic Flotation Therapy

“Moon Pod is an anti-anxiety float chair designed todeliver a full-body weightless...

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#HappyNotPerfect Want to Feel Happier? 4 New Apps

A look at a newly released happiness app and a few others — all free to begin with.

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9 Apps to Kickstart Your Mental Health Resolutions

While it’s always a good idea to make it a resolution to...

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Virtual Reality Takes Bodybuilding to the Stars

The United States has a well-known problem with physical activity, with the CDC reporting that 80% of Americans fail to meet its guidelines for adequate exercise. What if virtual reality could help solve that problem?

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Flex Your Creative Muscles at the Art Gym | The Creators Project

Art Gym at Tate Liverpool from 7 - 31 March 2016 © Tate Liverpool, Roger Sinek. As a public art effort to explore new and unique approaches to art making, and put “creativity at the heart of the gallery,” The Tate Collective Liverpool, along with Turner Prize winners, Assemble, have staged a creative take over of the Tate Liverpool gallery.

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