17 Mar 2019


By William Sheehan   Annoying // Dayne Jordan & Decap One of the more recent releases by Dayne Jordan and San Francisco’s Decap – real name Nicholas John Piantedosi. Decap’s a man in demand and – while we’re on the topic of annoyances, a follow up to this collaboration can’t come fast enough. Among Unlovers […]

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23 May 2018

Pulp Lab Playlist // May 2018 – Featuring Binker and Moses

By John-Paul Shiver Pulling from the influence of grime, hip-hop, electronic music, blog culture and jazz, Binker and Moses are among the pacesetters of the London based jazz renaissance happening now.  ‘Alive In The East?’, their new live album slotted to drop this upcoming June, captures the drummer and sax player in full “shamanic” spiritual free jazz […]

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19 Dec 2017

Pulp Lab Best of 2017 Playlist

No artist here is pushing an energy drink or attempting to steer a “DJ popularity” poll; it’s just some of the best music that came out in 2017, that maybe you never had the chance to hear.

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17 Mar 2017

#EDM: Actress Drops “X22RME” on April 14, An Album Themed Around Chrome

Actress X22RME AZD Ninja Tune By John-Paul Shiver Actress, real name Darren Jordan Cunningham, known to friends as DAZ, returns with a new album, now on Ninja Tune and a new music system called AZD (pronounced “Azid”), a chrome aspect journey into a parallel world. The video for X22RME (pronounced “Extreme”), a minimal apocalyptic expanse […]

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09 Mar 2017

#ZineScene: Why the Internet Didn’t Kill Zines

In theory, the maturation of the internet should have killed off the desire for zines entirely. Millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of posts are published to social-media sites each day. And yet somehow, it can feel impossible to engage with new ideas, even as our compulsive inability to stop scrolling exposes us to an unending […]

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24 Jan 2017

Aquaserge Super-Group (Tame Impala, Stereolab) Drops New Experimental Pop

Aquaserge Virage Sud Crammed Discs By John-Paul Shiver There is a heady groove-oriented uptick, enmeshed with a poppy fuzzed out synth bass line that could only come from the culmination of a mini-supergroup consisting of members from Tame Impala, Stereolab, Acid Mother’s Temple and Melody’s Echo Chamber. So Virage Sud, the kaleidoscopic instrumental lead single […]

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05 Jul 2016

DJ Spinna Presents The Wonder of Stevie Vol. 3

DJ Spinna presents the Wonder of Stevie – Volume 3 BBE Records By John-Paul Shiver Sometimes it is forgotten that Stevie Wonder, the arch-type creative genius after Ray Charles and before Prince, has assembled a herculean back-catalog of music. A self-produced multi-instrumentalist who wrote far more compositions than he could perform and release himself, Wonder […]

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09 May 2016

Radiohead x Paul Thomas Anderson

Three days after dropping Burn the Witch, Radiohead are back with a new song, accompanying video and their long-awaiting announcement regarding a new album. The British band has also emerged with the news that itsupcoming (and still-unnamed) album will be released digitally this Sunday, May 8 at 7 p.m. This news comes a few hours […]

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22 Mar 2016

Seven Netflix Hacks You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love Netflix? With an ever-growing stable of movies and television shows available for streaming and a cast of original properties to die for, it’s no wonder it’s number one with cord-cutters and movie buffs of all persuasions

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