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Netflix Too Mainstream For You? Consider These Alternatives

Streaming service Netflix is an undisputed giant of online film and television delivery, but its offerings can sometimes be a bit

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2017’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations

This year, the cannabis industry will see massive explosion in technological innovation...

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Pinterest Has Predicted the Top 10 Food Trends of 2017

The top 10 things foodies have been pinning in recent weeks, indicating that these foods will probably be HUGE in 2017.

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How Tech Companies Disrupted Silicon Valley’s Restaurant Scene

Silicon Valley technologists love to explain how they have disrupted the minutiae of daily life, from our commutes to the ways we share family photos. But along the way, they have also managed to disrupt their local restaurant industry.

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#DigitalNomads: Freelancers and Telecommuters Top 10 Cities

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 37% of Americans cut the cord...

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#DigitalSlang: Why Tribune Publishing’s New Name is ‘tronc’

TRIBUNE Publishing’s recent rebranding of itself prompts the question: What’s in a...

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Coachella 2016: Music and Commerce Collide

50% of the Coachella’s 200K attendees are millennials, making it ideal for...

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Insta-anarchy: Yes, They Are Changing the Feed, but (Calm Down) Not Yet

While changes are coming to Instagram, for most people they are weeks or months away, the company said.

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Spark A Match: Tinder's Transformation

Many say the app's evolution over the years has allowed it to kickstart happy relationships -- even marriages -- for more than a few of its users.

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Seven Netflix Hacks You Need to Know

Who doesn't love Netflix? With an ever-growing stable of movies and television shows available for streaming and a cast of original properties to die for, it's no wonder it's number one with cord-cutters and movie buffs of all persuasions

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What iPhone-Based Health Care Could Look Like In 10 Years

What iPhone-Based Health Care Could Look Like In 10 Years Chronicle, a new concept from the design consultancy Artefact, is like a doctor in your pocket.

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PST: Art in the Parking Space @ The Standard, Hollywood

On Tuesday, 1/24 evening, no one cared to be inside the bar at West Hollywood’s The Standard Hotel. Instead, patrons opted to grab a drink in the underground parking garage and observe the Art in the Parking Space. This year-long series of performative installations are a part of Pacific Standard Time’s (PST) Performance and Public Art Festival that is curated by Amanda Hunt of LA> Read More