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Beck’s “Wow” Video, Starring His Kids

Cosimo and Tuesday Hansen are dancers in their dad’s latest surreal clip.

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"Netflix and Chill" Never Means Netflix and Chill: Origins of The Latest Pop Culture Slang

The term "Netflix and Chill" was first coined by Twitter user @itsIsaaaaaaac on October 8, 2014. From there it began to spread on Twitter through GIFs and memes containing phrase. Netflix has largely accepted the phrase, using it in marketing materials and during social-media campaigns.

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“Generation X” Documentary Examines a Generation of Innovators

How did the estimated 65 million members of Generation X become characterized as cynics, loners and slackers?

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'Spring Broke': The Untenable Monster (and Marketing) of Spring Break

Spring Broke points its lens at the 50 year-long marketing apparatus of spring break in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, and the businesses rivaling for the coveted 18-24 demographic.

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