08 Feb 2019

Spotify is building Netflix-meets-radio

Excerpt via AngelList Spotify’s strategy, it seems, is to build something between radio and Netflix. Like radio, Spotify can be the portal by which every consumer discovers and enjoys audio content—hence its acquisition of Gimlet, one of the most popular podcast producers. At the same time, Spotify seems increasingly interested in producing original, Spotify-exclusive content—hence […]

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18 Nov 2018

INSOMNIAC: An Immersive After-hours Tour in LA’s Oldest Private Club

Inspired by the weird corners of the internet and the hidden gems of the world, X.X.T uses its music, videos, and experiential performances to connect and entertain audiences across the world. INSOMNIAC, presented on October 30th, 2018, was an immersive, after-hours tour through the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club’s most hidden and entrancing spaces, accompanied by surreal […]

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30 Apr 2018

8 Best Songs for Testing Headphones & Speakers

SHOP THE STORY 1. Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack Why it makes a great speaker test: This song is the acid test for sub-woofers – there is a hidden thunderous quality to the intro that only the best bass speakers or headphones will reveal. 2. Hotel California – Eagles – Live From Hell Freezes Over Why […]

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18 Sep 2017

FIRST LISTEN – Pulp Lab Presents “ABC Song” by Ryan Porter

RYAN PORTER Spangle-Lang Lane “ABC Song” World Galaxy / Alpha Pup Records ** FIRST-LISTEN** “ABC Song” by Ryan Porter “I want to dedicate the Spangle-Lang Lane record to my mother Maggie L. Schaffer, who introduced me to the power of creativity and also to my daughters Anaya and Anya, who are both my answered prayers. […]

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28 Aug 2017

MERMAIDENS “SATSUMA” Video Channels #1970’s Aesthetic x Deep Sullen Tone

Mermaidens Satsuma Perfect Body Flying Nun Records By John-Paul Shiver Combining a 1970’s color wheel aesthetic with a deep sullen tone that proselytizes a fluffy bunny rabbit might not make it, “Satsuma” is that alluring “something is out of alignment” video by the New Zealand psych outfit Mermaidens. The video was filmed and directed by Ezra Simons, with concept […]

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22 Jun 2017

#CALIFORNIANLIGHT: UK’s Childhood’s Psych-pop Single Is The Sound of Summer

Childhood Californian Light Universal High By John-Paul Shiver Per the stoic and charming Ben Romans-Hopcraft, front man for the psych-pop soul group Childhood, their current euphoric single “Californian Light”, was born out of a deceiving situation for the lead singer. “Ironically, the sentiment of ‘Californian Light,’ has nothing to do with the sunshine state at all,” Romans-Hopcraft explained to The […]

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18 May 2017
Maszer_J&M_Jordan Nicholson (2)

#HybridFest: Upstream Celebrates Music x Tech From the Great Northwest

“I grew up in Seattle, which helped make me a musician. I had to stay inside writing because of all the rain.” — Quincy Jones, Upstream Festival Keynote Speaker #Recap Pacific Northwest drizzle didn’t keep 30,000+ patrons from gathering in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square May 11-13th for Paul Allen‘s first-ever Upstream Music Fest + Summit.  The […]

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12 May 2017

#PassiveListening: Geotic’s “Abysma” Is As Subtle as a Sunday Morning Ritual

Geotic “Nav” Abysma Ghostly International By John-Paul Shiver Will Wiesenfeld of Baths, who sometimes records under the moniker of Geotic, describes the side project as passive listening. “In a world driven by noise and distraction, Abysma is as subtle as a Sunday morning ritual, a tender epiphany in a bombastic firework show.” Will may be on to something there…in his self-directed […]

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14 Apr 2017

TOPS’ “Petals”: 3 Mins of Vibes and Smiles [Video]

TOPS Petals Sugar At The Gate Artbutus Records By John-Paul Shiver Jane Penny, lead singer of the Montreal quartet TOPS, decided to direct all the band’s videos for their upcoming June 2nd “Sugar at The Gate” release on Arbutus Records. The video “Petals”, which showcases an afternoon Los Angeles house party with C-List Madonna, Michael Jackson and […]

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