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An App-etite for Tech: 6 New Foodie Startups

A farmer, a neurologist, and a data analysist walk into a conference. What could be the start of a terrible joke is a list of just a few of the panelists at last week's MixingBowl Conference,

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Things Are Getting Juicy: New Paradigms in Food Delivery

Juicero is the latest expression of the techno-utopian trend in Silicon Valley where believers are convinced that technology can improve anything, even one of nature’s most elementary foodstuffs.

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At SXSW, Tech has become a lifestyle brand

This year SouthBy, as the festival is known, feels like a story of how the tech ethos has escaped the bounds of hardware and software. Tech is turning into a culture and a style, one that has spread into new foods and clothing, and all other kinds of nonelectronic goods. Tech has become a lifestyle brand.

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What iPhone-Based Health Care Could Look Like In 10 Years

What iPhone-Based Health Care Could Look Like In 10 Years Chronicle, a new concept from the design consultancy Artefact, is like a doctor in your pocket.

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