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26 Jun 2017

‘Silicon Valley’s’ Mike Judge Talks Season 4 Finale, the End of Erlich and Six-Season Plan

Excerpt from Hollywood Reporter The fourth season of Silicon Valley ended with a rare win for Pied Piper. After an uphill battle that involved patent trolls, exploding phones and explicit smart fridges, Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) and the rest of the gang have finally cleared some major obstacles on their path to creating a new, decentralized […]

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17 Oct 2016

The NYC Tech Ecosystem: Catching Up to the Hype

By Matt Turck • 10/10/16 The Observer The New York tech ecosystem is in an interesting place right now. The emergence of NYC was a big story at tech conferences and in the press maybe four or five years ago. Fast forward to today: on the one hand, NYC has become the clear Number 2 […]

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22 Jul 2016

Fashion x Tech: The New Wild West

The collision of fashion and tech has spawned a cottage industry of those looking to shepherd the would-be disruptors into the ways of the industry. Fashion incubators and accelerators like Pratt’s Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator, the New York Fashion Tech Lab and the CFDA Fashion Incubator have sprung up, designed to help budding industry talent […]

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