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25 Apr 2018

Pulp Lab Playlist // April 2018

By John-Paul Shiver Los Angeles based musician, singer, songwriter, and producer Kadhja Bonet is so expansive with her retro colour wheel of sounds on Childqueen, you swear it was playing on the crappy Radio Shack ceiling speakers at the local Gas & Shop during the early 1980’s.   And that is meant as a compliment.  Straight […]

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29 Jan 2018

Pulp Lab Playlist //\\ January 2018

It’s a new year, new gear and a new fit. And as January closes out we have a playlist to recap some of the underneath-the-radar, slept-on music that maybe you missed the first time. These artists could be future Grammy winners or just performers who create songs that smack upside the head now…. and make you pay attention.

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05 Dec 2017

Pulp Lab Presents “Night Flight” by ELUSIVE- First Listen

By John-Paul Shiver Elusive Sketches Dome of Doom Aaron Koslow, who records and produces under the name Elusive, completes his highly productive year in music with a 30-track beat tape that strikes a fair balance between sample based material and interstellar synth fuzz. The aptly titled “Sketches” bumps slow, seeps in deep and bows out with […]

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19 May 2017

Q+ A: J GRGRY on Rock, Glam, Soul + 90’s Music Icons

POP CULTURE Q+ A: J GRGRY on Rock, Glam, Soul + 90’s Music Icons We were lucky enough to see Seattle band J GRGRY, led by frontman Joe Gregory, at the innaugural Upstream Fest + Summit last week. We caught up with Joe after the show, where he spoke with us about his musical influences and the long journey to […]

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22 Mar 2017

Nite Jewel’s Fellini-esque B/W Video For “Real High” Will Make You Want To Dance

2 Good 2 Be True Nite Jewel Real High Gloriette Records Video directed by Geneva Jacuzzi By John-Paul Shiver Ramona Gonzalez, who produces and performs under the moniker of Nite Jewel, will release her fourth studio album, Real High, on May 5th via her own Gloriette Records imprint. With the announcement of the new album, Nite Jewel […]

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17 Mar 2017

#EDM: Actress Drops “X22RME” on April 14, An Album Themed Around Chrome

Actress X22RME AZD Ninja Tune By John-Paul Shiver Actress, real name Darren Jordan Cunningham, known to friends as DAZ, returns with a new album, now on Ninja Tune and a new music system called AZD (pronounced “Azid”), a chrome aspect journey into a parallel world. The video for X22RME (pronounced “Extreme”), a minimal apocalyptic expanse […]

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24 Jan 2017

Aquaserge Super-Group (Tame Impala, Stereolab) Drops New Experimental Pop

Aquaserge Virage Sud Crammed Discs By John-Paul Shiver There is a heady groove-oriented uptick, enmeshed with a poppy fuzzed out synth bass line that could only come from the culmination of a mini-supergroup consisting of members from Tame Impala, Stereolab, Acid Mother’s Temple and Melody’s Echo Chamber. So Virage Sud, the kaleidoscopic instrumental lead single […]

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