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12 May 2016

BMW takes on Car2go and Uber in Seattle

As of last month, Seattleites have a new way to get around town, while companies like Car2go and Uber now have new competition. BMW launched its one-way car-sharing service ReachNow the Seattle region in April, allowing people to use the free-floating vehicles as a method of transportation. The service brings an alternative to Car2go, the […]

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20 Apr 2016

Toyota Is Turning This City Into a Giant Connected Car Experiment

Toyota, the worlds largest automaker, is sending 5,000 connected cars that can wirelessly communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure onto the streets of Ann Arbor, Mich., in a real-world experiment designed to move autonomous driving closer to reality. Toyota is partnering with the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute on the project. The equipment transmits […]

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