16 Jul 2018

Q+A: Vinyl Williams // OPAL LP \\ “Milliennial Ballroom” – FIRST LISTEN

 Vinyl Williams Opal Release Date: July 20th, 2018 By John-Paul Shiver Los Angeles artist Lionel “Vinyl” Williams describes himself as “obsessed with harmony.” He’s built a handsome career snatching celestial pop frequencies from an alternate plane and literally recording those moments to VHS tape for the world to be seduced by. His 2016 Brunei, released […]

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10 May 2018

#Kassin’s “RELAX” // The Forthcoming 11-track Release by the Master Producer Out on May 11

Relax Kassin Luaka Bop By John-Paul Shiver What the hell is happening here? From the Star Wars font rolling the track name at the top to a floating headshot of Brazilian artist Lincoln Olivetti taking a trip past the nebula, this VHS video aesthetic comes in vivid. A frizzy-haired, sunglass wearing, tennis shoe clad gent […]

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01 May 2018

Q+A: INNATE Producer Cavalier on #Inspiration #Analog #K-Pop

Innate Cavalier Alpha Pup Records By John-Paul Shiver Introspective thoughts about mortality are carried through an experimental soundscape on Innate, the impressive début by the 20-year-old producer Cavalier. The Long Beach native uses acoustic piano, pacemaker beeps, fuzzed vocals, guitar chords and warm percussive bass tones on the lead track Inward. This collection of sounds […]

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15 Feb 2018

Kenneka Cook on #LiveLooping #TEDTalks #KillBill #EnnioMorricone #NancySinatra

By John-Paul Shiver Moonchild, the upcoming début release from Richmond, Virgina’s own Kenneka Cook, is self-described as a small window of what goes on in this musicians head. Recorded over the course of three months in a friends living room, it flows with “homegrown” exhilaration and warmth from a handful of Richmond’s best musicians. Yet […]

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17 Aug 2017

Detroit Part II: Feels like a House Party in Shigeto’s Detroit

Shigeto Detroit Part II The New Monday Ghostly International By John-Paul Shiver It is a rare and fine occurrence to have a vibey deep house statement be appropriately paired with organic and matter of fact visual representation.  Detroit Part II, the lead single and video from the forthcoming release The New Monday by Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto. Opts […]

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18 Oct 2016

Top 4 Audio Accessories Below $200 for the Tech Savvy Audiophile

Based on a 2005 study, almost all adults online report that they use new technology when listening to music. This was one of the findings of the ‘Audio Consumption Study’. It also revealed that technology, particularly mobile devices, led to a higher consumption of audio content. “Over the last two years, we have witnessed a […]

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09 Mar 2016

Vinyl Industry Experts Say These Are 22 of the Most Creative, Inspired Album Covers | Adweek

The vinyl resurgence is leading to a revival of record-pressing plants, changing the way record companies do business and bolstering electronics brands like Crosley (which sold 1 million record players in 2015). It’s even given rise to record-of-the-month clubs like Vinyl Me, Please. Read the story adweek.com Image courtesy of adweek.com SHOP THE STORY

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30 Nov 2015

Captured Music

Who Shot Rock and Roll? The photographers behind the scenes of rock history are currently being celebrated at the Annenberg Space for Photography (ASP) in Los Angeles. Created by the Brooklyn Museum with guest curator and author Gail Buckland, Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 To The Present, is the first major museum exhibit on rock and roll that highlights the integral role that photography plays in the history and making of rock icons.

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