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Tech x Pop Culture x Americana @Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Art Los Angeles Contemporary, the International Contemporary Art fair of the West Coast, was held January 26-29, 2017 at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California. The fair presented top established and emerging galleries from around the world, with a strong focus on Los Angeles galleries.

LA’s Puppies Puppies opened the ALAC  Preview on Thursday, January 26th with a performance titled “Red Carpet.”  Puppies Puppies culls from the realm of entertainment and children’s programming in his surreal and unsettling explorations into the psychological realm of the readymade. Much of his work plays in the space between lower, mass-market forms of pop culture and the elevated place of fine art, having used Minions, Snapple bottles, Voldemort and Gollum in previous presentations.

Puppies Puppies, “Red Carpet” performance at the main entrance to the Barker Hanger on Opening Night.


Honor Fraser Gallery presented new works by Los Angeles artist Victoria Fu in a multilayered installation using film, light, photography, sculpture and video. Incorporating clips sourced from the internet and original film and video footage manipulated with visual effects in post-production, Fu’s moving and still images offer simultaneous “real” and “virtual” spaces, suggesting an increasingly porous boundary between these realms.

Victoria Fu??!?!, 2017 video installation, photography, photo objects. Honor Fraser Gallery.


Artist Rosson Crow exhibited new work, including Don’t California My Texas, at NYC gallery The Hole‘s installation and performance-driven booth.  Ms. Crow’s paintings “culture hack” Americana artifacts and imagery — Native American pottery, Texas bumper stickers, a tchotchke vase portrait of Jackie Kennedy — to create vibrant pop art mash-ups.  The work was among “a garden of artworks” installed in the Henri Rousseau-themed booth. Other artists featured were Adam Parker Smith, Anja Salonen, Aurel Schmidt, Caroline Larsen, Donald Baechler, Holton Rower, Jaimie Warren, Jeanette Hayes, Joe Reihsen, Misaki Kawai, Taylor McKimens, Todd James and Vanessa Prager.

Rosson Crow, Don’t California My Texas, 2017, acrylic, spray paint, photo transfer and oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches.

Artist Rosson Crow at The Hole installation

Analia Saban, DANKE MERCI THANK YOU GRACIAS ARIGATO Plastic Bag 2016, Mixografía® print on handmade paper 28.5 X 20 X 1.5 inches, Edition of 20. Mixografía® booth.


 Guests at the ALAC 2017 Opening Night Reception


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