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This Zero-Gravity Beanbag is Engineered to Mimic Flotation Therapy

“Moon Pod is an anti-anxiety float chair designed todeliver a full-body weightless experience.  The Moon Pod is engineered to mimic the sensations you would experience during a Flotation Therapy session. Flotation Therapy is a well-known powerful practice used to help those who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD. Moon Pod not only supports your body, but also calms your mind.”

Moon Pod is filled with custom made high-friction beads that are encasedby supportiveshells. The outer shell is a unique blend of materials that holds Moon Pod’s shape, and works to actively morph to your body. It’s also machine washable. These ingredients work together to create an incredibly lightweight morphing structure that supports and responds to any body shape while not taking up much space in your home. It’s dense enough to stand up on it’s own, and at just 4 square feet you can store it anywhere.


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