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Top 4 Audio Accessories Below $200 for the Tech Savvy Audiophile

Based on a 2005 study, almost all adults online report that they use new technology when listening to music. This was one of the findings of the ‘Audio Consumption Study’. It also revealed that technology, particularly mobile devices, led to a higher consumption of audio content.

“Over the last two years, we have witnessed a fast growth in both demand for and supply of mobile music streaming services in particular in North America and Western Europe,” said Nitesh Patel, Director of Wireless Media Strategies (WMS). “With smartphone penetration increasing, we expect the pace of transition to accelerate, which will provide a new impetus to the growth of the global mobile music market.”

Mobile devices have now also become helpful gadgets for music enthusiasts as low-range to premium smartphones are now built with high quality stereo speakers that produce a HD sound experience. Apple has even revolutionized the audio tech scene by taking out the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and introduced the EarPods via the lightning port.

But, aside from EarPods, there are also other great and budget-friendly high-tech music accessories that audiophiles should consider purchasing. Read on below to find out some about some of the best audio accessories on the market.41idcd4zbcl

1. B&O Play Earphones
Bang & Olufsen has recently released the B&O Play earphones that produce great sound quality beyond what most headsets can offer. They are made with rubber and anodized aluminum, making them ultra light. Even without the noise cancelation technology, these earphones come with great surround sound as they’ve been developed with adjustable hooks to fit the contours and curves of each individual ear.
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2. Triby portable speaker61ilncbosul
CNET dubbed it the “smart portable speaker” but it has plenty of other features to offer as well. Triby is a connected speaker that makes staying in the kitchen more fun. It features Amazon Alexa and Alexa Voice Service to accept requests (play music, get news, set alarm, etc) just by calling its name “Alexa.” In order to control its screen and its content, users need to have the paired Alexa app on their mobile devices. It comes in four colors – blue, grey, green, and red.
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3. UE Roll2 Su51xzxr0invlgarplum Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Offering louder and crisper sound than other Bluetooth speakers, the UE Roll 2 is another great wireless portable music device for audiophiles. It’s been found to be 15% louder than the original UE Roll, which makes it sound bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. The speaker is also waterproof, perfect for outdoor listening experiences. In fact, it can survive being submerged under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter.
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4. iDeaUSA Taco Dual Bluetooth Speaker
Also called the ‘Buddy System,’ the two speakers pair with each other to 41tlfliwlsldeliver high definition audio. Each can function independently with full stereo sound, but they are best paired together. The two speakers still produce great audio output even up to 33-feet apart with the help of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. They are also NFC-capable with rugged design, making them easy to connect any mobile device even outdoors.
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Listening to music doesn’t have to entail purchasing expensive speakers. With the right high-tech audio accessories, music lovers can enjoy their favorite audio files in HD quality wherever they go.

By TechJENeration exclusively for PulpLab

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