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TOPS’ “Petals”: 3 Mins of Vibes and Smiles [Video]

Sugar At The Gate
Artbutus Records

By John-Paul Shiver

Jane Penny, lead singer of the Montreal quartet TOPS, decided to direct all the band’s videos for their
upcoming June 2nd “Sugar at The Gate” release on Arbutus Records. The video “Petals”, which showcases an afternoon Los Angeles house party with C-List Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince impersonators, carries the most pleasant of contradictions. The breezy 1970’s AM radio position that the song “Petals” exudes under the California sun, runs in direct contrast to the larger than life 1980’s impersonators.

“Petals”, an easy-going 3 minutes of vibes and smiles, hides the subtle pain of riding out the end of a relationship. Penny, who sells the song with contentment of a five-year old with a lollipop, delivers the feigned joy punch in the written lyrics.

“Got a phone full of numbers and a list of names. No one to call. Not much to say, anyway.”

Arbutus Records release Sugar at the Gate on June 2.

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