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Pulp Lab Editorial Guidelines


Identifier of patterns, cartographer of choices, Pulp Lab is a consumer engagement agency with expertise in trends research, digital media and branded content development.  

Pulp Lab covers the most intriguing developments taking place across the globe in order to partner clients with the emerging cultural trends that will boost their brand’s significance. Beyond the identification of “the next big thing,” we go deep into our niche to source the currents and mindsets that will have long-term resonance and meaning.

We’re always looking for new talent, engaging stories and in-depth features on relevant topics. With that in mind, we’ve put together some guidelines for how to pitch to us.


What our brand mission means for our contributors:
Everything you do contributes to our mission of uncovering and delivering cultural insights to our clients and readers. All content should be sculpted to reflect “Digital Culture” in order to align with our identity.

What we sound like:
Upbeat, optimistic and engaged, the Pulp Lab tone of voice is meant to be accessible to all readers, with just enough edge to enchant our target audience: 25-35 year olds. Our secondary audience is urban sophisticates 36+. That said,  our motto is “Not an age but an attitude.”

What we DON’T cover:
Gossip, Celebrities, Mainstream trends, Politics….If it’s too “everyday,” we don’t cover it because someone else will. However, we do accept comparative pieces on mainstream topics. How does the current state of digital culture influence politics? What influence does the virtual reality movement have on fashion?

What we DO cover:
Current departments (most often) include: Cultural Trends, Digital Trends, Lifestyles, Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, Travel and Events. As a general rule, if it’s up and coming, exciting, and just the slightest bit off-kilter, we want to hear about it.

Art + Entertainment
Uncovering and delivering cultural insights to our clients and readers through stories culled from the best of the Web.

We’re interested in the experiential aspects of technology, including digital lifestyle patterns and trends.

Format:  Documentary show exploring subcultures and their natural habitats.

#TheLab Report
Original editorial and coverage of parties, conferences and festivals in Technology, Science, Arts, Food, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, Sustainability and Travel.

Going beyond identification of “the next big thing,” our reporting goes deep into niche communities to unearth the insights and sentiments beneath the trends.

Please email all pitches and content to:
Pulp Lab Producers